It’s not long until Christmas….are you ready?

With so many people on the Christmas shopping list – mums, dads, brothers, sisters, long lost cousins, your uncle that you’ve never met – you probably didn’t think your list could get any longer.

But then work decides to hold a Secret Santa and you draw out a name of a person you hadn’t even realised worked in your office. While you are tempted to question the validity of this draw, you decide to just pretend you know them, while you work hard to quickly make acquaintances.

Well, whether you just have your Secret Santa to shop for, or a plethora of relies or friends, Vintage Stash is here to help with a range of gift options:


If your Secret Santa’s name is Boris…there’s a chance he could enjoy some lovely men’s products from Men’s Society. It’s easier if he has a beard or a moustache, as you can select a kit for grooming. If you’ve worked out that he enjoys a drink every now and then, you could opt for a stylish flask, but if you’d like to play it safe, we have cufflinks!



For a female Secret Santa, your options have greatly increased! Depending on your spending limits (whether it’s $5 or $100…each are met with their own challenges) you could think of something delightful and simple, such as a quirky clutch from Lola and Gilbert, or earrings from Renee Waters (make sure she has pierced ears!).



Let’s face it, the little ones in your family are going to be spoilt rotten until they’re about eight. There is bound to be a gazillion presents around the Christmas tree that the child will keep opening until noon on Christmas Day…even though they started at 5am. Our advice is to select one awesome gift and because kids can be terrors, it needs to be durable! So, depending on the age of the little girl or boy, you could select delightful top quality handmade soft animals by Anne Claire Petit Accessories or one of the many stunning books by BabyLit. For the older child, they’ll be kept occupied for hours with cards from History Heroes.image5

People who love cosy-ing up with a cup of warm tea, even in the middle of an Aussie summer, can never have enough tea products. If you are going to go down this path, however, you need to buy something unique because, every other person who knows them will being buying them a similar present! Check out a stylish tea set by Carla Dinnage or tea cups and saucers by Samantha Robinson.


If you’re struggling on what to buy an artistic relative whom you might have only met once, consider these gifts that are incredibly thoughtful and stylish. To The Heart And Back have created stunning journals which come with a feather page marker, while Carla Dinnage has released a new wall art range.


And finally, there will be many people on your shopping list that would fit into this category: The homely types. So…to placate their eternal desire to create a ‘home’ and not a ‘house’, check out the new piece by Amelia Anderson Photography, Morning Huddle (1,240cm by 940cm) and the range of vases we have at Vintage Stash.


And with that, we wish you good luck with your shopping in the lead up to Christmas! You can find us at Vintage Stash, 358a Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066 or online. 

We can’t wait to see you soon and Merry Christmas!!!


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