Don’t worry – we’ll try and lay off the Sound of Music sayings…


Vintage Stash has been thriving in Melbourne for three years, so we thought we’d show you some of our favourite things!

The most chic blog of all time…

French by Design must make the list! The ever so quirky quotes, complemented by images with the most chic products that can be found on earth, continue to inspire us!

this makes total sense. #tgif #wineoclock

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French by Design uses the most exquisite photography to often turn a simple setting into something truly magnificent worth lusting over…

summer in #sf, at last. ☀️

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While this blog’s writer observes the fashion world from a San Francisco base, we also love what our local writers deliver.

In Australia…

Closer to home, industry blogs such as The Design FilesThe Interiors Addict and Frankie Magazine continue to inspire.

We particularly love the number of Melbourne bloggers flying the flag high for our trendy city!

Lady Melbourne does this well, and we were delighted she checked us out last year to spread the Vintage Stash word among her followers!


A little more mainstream…

More generally speaking,  The Weekly Review‘s memes get us every time.

And news outlets definitely become one of our ‘favourite things’ when they honour us with a story!


During the past three years in Melbourne, we’ve grown a huge and wonderful range of stock from an increasingly growing list of inspiring creators…And choosing a favourite piece….is like choosing a favourite child!


All our suppliers are unique with their own special flares, and we’ve met wonderful people locally in Melbourne, while bringing stock to our local customers from throughout Australia and the world!

It’s all just too darn pretty! And has helped Vintage Stash to really become a treasure trove of marvellous things!

We hope it’s one of your favourites!

(Will we see you soon at Vintage Stash? Or check us out online


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