We all have those friends…”I’m a Winter person…”


If you are that friend…we wonder…Is it because of your allergies?

If it’s not and you generally have some unfathomable dislike for all things glorious…like Spring…then we can help you.

Vintage Stash can make Spring more bearable.

Brighten your home! 

Just because you enjoy the doom and gloom of winter, it doesn’t mean your friends do too! Check out these stunning pieces from Foruu, with Paper Empire Australia! These pastels speak Spring…so you don’t have to.

Get out into the garden…

If your favourite season is Winter…there’s a chance you might not know how much you miss the sun, despite your translucent skin.

It’s time you gathered your nearest and dearest friends (armed with sunscreen a-plenty) into your garden, onto your balcony, or simply near a kitchen window to absorb some vitamin D. Do this with a cup of tea, and we suggest elegantly enjoying your favourite brew in Bloomingville’s porcelain tea sets. Hugging the tea cup might even take you back to the wintery vibes you adore…and the sun’s rays and the bitter-sweet smell of sunscreen might just be enough to bring you back.

Okay…you may have a rug 

But don’t crank up the air conditioning and pretend it’s winter! The 100% linen throws from Finland that you’ll find at Vintage Stash are delightfully comfortable and perfect for those cooler nights or while you snuggle in front of the TV forlornly watching Love Actually or The Holiday.  Once you do take a break from all the snow and bitter cold, we suggest flicking to Under the Tuscan Sun or Mamma Mia for a bit of reprieve. 


At least pretend you like spring with some delightful wall art! 

Faunoscape wallstickers from What We Do Copenhagen, with Paper Empire Australia usually do the trick! Get them onto a wall, then place some fresh flowers nearby and you’re on your way to a perfect Instagram post #nofilter #spring #loveit

And if that doesn’t work, you’re probably too far gone…but your finally attempt to gather any spring enthusiasm might be through acquiring these delightful vintage style flower prints from the UK’s Eloise Renouf.


And if none of those ideas work…

You might need to hibernate until Winter. And we’ll be here for you then, providing awesome product ideas for you as you revel in your favourite season as your friends longs for Spring.


At Vintage Stash we’re here to inspire you however we can! Check us out online or visit us in store at 358a Smith Street (corner Sackville Street), Collingwood.

See you soon!


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