So, what is the rule for remembering when Father’s Day is? 

Oh…first Sunday of September? …Oh no.

That’s when the panic sets in when you realise there’s less than five days until Father’s Day.

Of course, the value of your relationship shouldn’t really be based upon how wonderful the present you get for your father is…however…your choice certainly helps raise the stakes when it comes to ‘favourite child status’…

Wait…what?…It’s not a competition?

At Vintage Stash, we’re always here to help.

Here are some tips for how you can handle the countdown…and don’t be scared…there’s still a few days to go!


Five days out. 

Nah…still plenty of time. Maybe you’ll consider something to surprise your dad. What about a cane rocking chair from HK Living, imported from the Netherlands.

You could sneak into your parents’ house early in the morning and place the new piece of furniture in their lounge room. For good measure, add a bow just so it stands out just that little bit more. Excellent idea. With five days to go, you can pick it up and deliver it in that time…and have extra time to get a bow, cushions and a lovely rug! Done!


Four days to go…

You think:

“I wonder if my siblings have got anything for Dad yet?”

“Should I ask them to partake in some kind of team-gift-giving situation…..but that’ll mean the credit is shared.”

Your inner monologue continues….

“If I choose these awesome maps from Quercus & Co. from Vintage Stash, surely Dad will know I’ve instigated this awesome idea to funk up his office or lounge room? Surely.”

Great thinking – these Quercus periodic tables and world maps provide a stylish addition to any environment. Get on it now!

Three days to go.

Oh no…things are getting serious now. You start questioning how much you actually know your father…

“I may have known him for about <insert years> now…but does he drink red or white?…Does he actually drink alcohol?”

Somehow you remember he is into a bit of ‘Whiskey business’…so you consider some stunning vintage whiskey jugs knowing he is highly unlikely to have ever considered buying these for himself.

And the siblings definitely wouldn’t have thought of this before! 

The choices we have include vintage whiskey jugs – Dawsons, Grants and Chivas Regal – or a vintage annodised Wolfblass champagne bucket. Nice one.

Two days to go…

Two days! How did that happen? But that’s okay – there’s still time to think of something epic for your father that isn’t the usually hardware store voucher!

Amongst this madness, you’ve realised that he’s considering growing a moustache, so a few items from Mens Society will show that you have actually listened to the conversations you’ve had between watching the ABC News, Broadchurch and reruns of Doc Martin. And just for good measure, check out the flasks and cufflinks from the same brand.


One day…

“THANK GOODNESS FOR SUNDAY TRADING! Why, oh why did I not think of shopping for Father’s Day earlier!”

At this point due to a panicked situation, you’re tempted to just buy everything you see to compensate for not having thought of something earlier.

“I’ll take it all!” you say…however, you should really just pause and take a moment.

There’s still time for a thoughtful gift. How about something completely different – perhaps some stylings for Dad’s home – homewares that speak style, and thoughtfulness.

Going along the thoughtfulness-idea-train you could also look at diaries for dad, particularly if he’s the pondering type.

Two things will appease these new gift ideas; how about this timber anchor wall decoration, complete with tribal paint and feathers, or a diary by Holstee? Both are completely different, yet inspiring in their own special way!

And with that…we wish you luck!

We hope we’ve given you a few options to make shopping just a little easier for Father’s Day…and at the end of the day – there’s always next year!

If you have any questions, come and see us at 358a Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066 or look at our products online.

See you soon…And to all the dads out there – Happy Father’s Day! 


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