We all wish we had a bag like Mary Poppins…

But since getting over the age of 10, you’ve probably realised that Mary Poppins really was just a magical story, and the chances of you being as perfect as Mary Poppins – practically in every way – is as unlikely to happen as being able to get your hands on that glorious bag.

And who needs or wants to be perfect anyway! 

Come to think of it, that bag made of carpet was quite ugly – not at all a stunning reflection of the period era of which the story of Mary Poppins was based. But you honestly can’t argue with its practicality.

This blog will be about bags, and the wonderful ranges you’ll find at Vintage Stash!

We hope the extremely random introduction set this up – A bag for every occasion – that is practically perfect!


Even if your job is corporate, you can still add a bit of sparkle through the bag you carry. We love these metallic reversible leather totes and backpacks, from the UK. Occasions for this dazzling bag could be to carry your boring reports, a small laptop or iPad, cosmetics, as well as your hopes and dreams.


We love these stunning overnight bags from the UK! They are stylish while also being practical, sturdy and unisex! We also think they are reminiscent of the old doctor bags you’d see in the old movies! Glorious.

Occasions for these beauties could be using them as carry-on luggage when flying or for your exotic weekend away with your significant or not-so-significant other.


Life should be about always being ready for a rip-roaring good time! That’s why sometimes, you shouldn’t be carrying too many items with you, just the essentials will do; your wallet, sunnies, keys and lip-gloss.

If you’re not carrying too much, you can be ready for any kite-flying opportunities…and when we say flying a kite, it’s really a metaphor for doing all sorts of fun things. These bags, designed by Paris’ Anna Kaszer are comfy and strap across your body. You could use these for occasions such as a stroll in the park, shopping with friends or frolicking around a theme-park.



Your choice of what bag to take for your day’s activities could be one of the biggest choices you make all day…possibly.

Whether it’s a day of classes at university or a day of errands, a small backpack could be the perfect choice – but it’s also necessary that this bag is durable, and what could be more durable than the Drizabone and recycled wool backpacks from US brand Woolly Bison (US).

We have lots of styles available and occasions for use could include travelling, using the bag as a day pack for your essentials, or to look funky while on a picnic.


Take on the world, and you can do this through supporting a local Aussie brand, Hobart’s Workbelt, who make handmade hide, leather and felt satchels. These bags are roomy, and perfect for trips to the library, delivering telegrams and visiting friends.

And that’s not all, we have heaps more bags in store to suit even more occasions.

We invite you to visit us – even if it is just to revel in the wonderful-ness that is Mary Poppins!

See you soon at Vintage Stash.


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