There are always the colleagues who chew too loudly (hummus doesn’t dull the carrot crunch guys!), proof reads their documents in a loud whisper, or asks lots of questions about their personal life while you’re trying to concentrate.

You can’t really do much for the annoying people in your office…

…but you can do something about the aesthetics!

No matter what type of office you have, there are lots of ways to spruce it up to improve your environment, whether you own the office and have a say on what goes on the walls, or just your cubicle.

Think world-wide! 

If you enjoy travel, and are always thinking about when you can next get away, it might be nice to bring this worldly element into your workplace, which will also remind you to always consider the bigger picture in each work challenge.

We love the vintage maps from Quercus & Co. These maps look funky with the ‘old school’ flavour and with such detail, you can start planning your caravan trip around Australia or America between your meetings and phone conferences. It might inspire you to retire at 40 and start your grey nomad tripping early!

Add the colour flavour

No matter what type of agency you might be a part of – from accounting to creative, it never hurts to add some colour!  While we’re on the vintage stream, a great option are some colour charts and they could complement any existing themes. If you do want to stick to the number-theming though, we have some cool vintage periodic tables you can hang.

Calmness – a state of mind or the state of your wall art? 

They say water helps people think calmly…well either that or makes you need to go to the toilet. What also gives an element of calm is wildlife. This can be found through the works of some awesome Melbourne-based artists. You could go with some fantastic photographic pieces by Amelia Anderson, or some prints by Kirsty Davidson.

Your own cellwork-space

Perhaps you are an employee and can’t control what is displayed on the walls. That’s okay, because you can at least control what is displayed on your desk or within your cubicle.

If you’re a reliable human who has things sorted, fill one of our glorious vases, or pots, such as the ones from Bloomingville, with a living plant.

You can also opt to fill the pot or vase with flowers – real ones are preferable.

But if the above fails, go with the self-sufficient cactus. Just don’t forget it’s there and walk into a meeting covered in spines.

Inspirational words 

There’s other ways you can make your office space more workable and your little home away from home nook! If you’re inspired by sayings, we have a range of stunning wall art, from suppliers such as Holstee, plus you can also enhance a space with delightful cushions or funky furniture.

And as the old saying goes, ‘the sky is the limit’. Drop by Vintage Stash to see what else you can do…

See you soon!


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