THE last autumn leaf has fallen and we are getting ready for winter.

Ah winter, the provider of first world problems such as the difficulty of getting out of bed early when it’s still dark, your coffee getting cold quicker, and the lack of vitamin D in your life.

If you live in Melbourne, though, like we do, we can have some of the above problems any time of year.

But despite that, we love this city anyway, rain, hail or shine…which can all happen in one day.

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So, wherever you live in Australia, we’re here to help you get through, no matter the climate you face and the torture of being subjected to every winter meme that exists (yes…we’re going to perpetuate the last point…;-) 

Key to surviving winter is getting your home ready for the dank days ahead!

For states with a consistently cold winter, you can make sure you have some heavy rugs at the ready – both throws for the living room couch or bed, or floor rugs, to thwart any foot chills especially if your home has evil tiles or beautiful, but breezy floorboards.

HK Living has brought us some exquisite rugs, which exude ultimate warmth and are perfect for this purpose. And if you’ve got a lovely wood fire, complement it in your living room with the brand’s wooden stools (don’t put them too close to the fire though!). 

We envy cities like Brisbane – those guys only get a taste of winter, probably for one or two hours over a couple of days in early June. All Brisbanites need to do is make sure they have a few light rugs with natural fibres at the ready for those cool nights where they pretend it’s winter by watching some winter or snow related movies like Everest or Groundhog Day. 

(Don’t worry – the above meme is the last we’ll use in this blog!) 

No matter where you live, you can add an element of warmth through candles. Aacute is a Victorian brand who make Wood Wick candles using conscientiously sourced resources and materials. Their new range of candles are deliciously decadent, smell sensational and suit any décor you already have.

If we’re talking winter accessories, there’s nothing better than holding a handbag with delightful wintery textures. We’ve just received beautiful cowhide shoulder bags, which can go with the perfect winter outfit, complementing scarves and beanies, and your rosy cheeks from the outside chilliness!

You really have just three months to grin and bear all things winter, and we wish you luck!

Drop into Vintage Stash to check out the divine wintery products we have to make the season more bearable! We’re located at 358a Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066. More info here.

Ps…you don’t have to watch Groundhog Day if you don’t want to.


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