There’s a few things you can do for your mum this Mother’s Day (Sunday May 8)….

  • Get a tattoo heart with ‘mum’ etched across it.
  • Bake your mum a batch of scones, or something else that might have been one of her specialities during your childhood.
  • If it is your wife who is the mum and you would like to buy pressies on behalf of your young children, then definitely head to Vintage Stash!
  • And when in doubt, no matter your situation,…follow the last five words of the previous point.

We probably wouldn’t recommend the first point though, so we’ve made things easy so you don’t have to etch your way into your mum’s heart with anything other than your love and affection, and occasional homeware gift…

To make things easier, we have a few suggestions to get you through this Mother’s Day…no matter what type of mother you have!

The far-away mum

Do you live a fair way from your mum? Chances are she could do with a cuddle from you. While nothing of material value can make up for you not physically being there, something with a bit of thought and matching comfort, might help. As we head into the cooler months, this could include very soft and cuddly, top quality rugs from Finland. We constantly have new colours and patterns arriving, and being light-weight, they won’t cost you an arm and leg as far as postage goes!

The fancy-pants mum

Oh no…your mum has a better fashion sense than you! How on earth did you let that happen? Well, there’s only one thing to do, and that is to appease her desire for all-things-stunning.

We suggest some elegant jewellery – you can’t go wrong. Start by checking out the pieces by Kristin Ash Jewellery. The Sydney designer has selected their stockists wisely, so you can be assured your pesky brothers or sisters won’t buy the same gift for mum, and claim your prize as ‘favourite child’. This funky and modern jewellery is also great for the men who need pressie ideas for their wives, on behalf of their children.

 The cold-frog mum

Someone with long eyelashes stands next to your mum and immediately she is freezing from the draft created when they blink. For the ‘cold-frog’ mum, you can help her out before winter kicks in with some glorious rugs. Cold feet and hands are the worst for this mum, so she will be delighted for the cushiony-softness these luscious Mongolian sheepskin products –  cushions and throws can offer.

The classical mum

Samantha Robinson continues to delight us with her handmade porcelain. The Sydney designer has created a beautiful new botanicals teacup range this season. The range offers beautiful tea cups with such a classic design – a definite enhancer of Sunday afternoon tea and scone sessions.


Another option for the classy, classical mum is a beautiful tea set from Bloomingville Denmark – perfect for an outside or inside tea and biscuit catch up.


The dreamer – mum 

If your mum lights up your life, light up hers with the stunning streams of colour the new range by Colin Adrian creates. His stained glass feathers, handmade in Brooklyn, New York, will bring you mum joy through lighting up her home, by hanging one feather or more. This is a simply beautiful and excellent representation of modern stained glass art.

The ‘everything’ in its place – mum

Your mum loves everything to be in its place –  this is essential when storing her jewellery, or other delicate paraphernalia. Carla Dinnage has impressed us once again with her small, colourful porcelain bowls – perfect to hold necklaces and rings. These make very sweet ornaments on a dresser, while serving an organisational purpose!


And no matter what other type of mum your mother is, we are sure to have something delightful to treat her this Mother’s Day! From bags to accessories, to throws to wall-art, it is definitely worth popping in to see us, or visiting us online.

But if you still can’t decide, we can always help out with a gift voucher.

We can’t wait to see you soon, and for all the mums out there…Happy Mother’s Day!


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