When it comes to style for 2016, it’s all about textures. SEE with your fingertips (okay…maybe with your eyes as well to avoid any absolute colour disasters…), but lead with the touch.

So, you’ve made it to the end of February – let’s face it…this is where it all begins. Perhaps only now you’ve discovered you forgot to take down the Christmas decorations that were on your roof (sorry neighbours). Put that aside as now is the time to tackle the style upgrades in your home or office you might have started considering in November.

The style of your home or office can really shape your mood. This can be down to what colours you use, what textures, wall art, rugs, or ornaments. We can guide you.

Australia is often a few steps behind the rest of the world when it comes to trends, and that’s why we keep a close eye on what is going on internationally. Personally, New York inspires us, and we love what’s talked about in NY Now.

ALL the ideas in this blog are fantastic, with some of the top trends for 2016 including:

  • Wall paper
  • Texture
  • Natural elements, and,
  • Pastels

When it comes to wall paper, choose wisely and do your research! If you’re doing it yourself it can be a painstakingly tricky process. Here’s some inspiration via The Room Edit. Be bold!

Adding natural elements to your home or office can instil a sense of calm! How about considering plants, branches, or earthy features, such as leather couches, or hides. Check out some ideas in HousetoHome. 

And if pastels are something you’re keen to crack on with in 2016, best you read up on it first. Start with House & Garden UK for some pretty pictures to get you going.

We love that texture is huge in 2016! And here’s how we can help with what we have in store.

Sheep skin, hides and other soft, good quality products are a perfect piece of the puzzle to add interest, comfort and decadence to any room, be it your bedroom or lounge.

A hide rug does wonders for shaping your bedroom, adding an element of luxury, while sheepskin gives the ultimate feeling of comfort, no matter the season. Throw a rug over a couch you’ve had since you were at university, an armchair passed through your family, or add an element of personality to a brand new sofa that you purchased from a Christmas / New Year sale and you’re not quite sure if it fits your home’s style scheme. Well now it does.

And if you’re not into animal products, you can achieve great looks with knits. Hey…even velvets are back in fashion, adding a luxurious shine to your living. (Yes…we said velvet…not to be confused with its cousin, corduroy).

How about cushions? Think of the softness you can add to a room through simply adding a few delightful cushions. Add these to a waiting room of an office, which will give anyone who sits there energy and instant love for your business. They will feel welcome.

Once you have themes sorted, you can really get going on homewares, adding even more of your personality into spaces.

So, what are you keen to do in 2016 to enhance your living or working space? No matter how crazy your idea may be, pop into Vintage Stash for a chat!

See you soon at Vintage Stash.




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