At Vintage Stash this month we’re celebrating ‘all things Aussie!’

So let’s raise a glass to the people behind the stunning products on our shelves and on our walls who have made an indelible mark on the style, homewares and gift giving industries.

We place these creators among the other notable Australians who have enhanced our lifestyles through inventions such as the hills hoist, the black box flight recorder, the humble wine cask (yep…definitely invented by an Aussie!).

And to begin….we celebrate a New Zealander. But don’t worry folks, just like how we have claimed the pavlova as our own, we’re inclined to also claim Kirstin Ash. Kirstin is a talented (New Zealand born) Sydney-based designer, who works with her brother and business partner Nick to create the most exquisite jewellery including rings and delicate pendants for chains. Her website sums up her work perfectly  “whimsically inspired pieces … continue to be treasured as a must have accessory”.

This jeweller has received critical acclaim from Vogue and InStyle, while driving our Facebook followers crazy! And we love her for it!

Our next creator is Amelia Anderson, a Melbourne-based photographer you really need to have heard of! She’s been supplying Vintage Stash for over a year now and her work is exceptional, featuring on such shows as Channel 9’s The Block / Reno Rumble etc.

Amelia’s love for travel and nature contributes to her fantastic images including our customers’ favourite, the Fluffy Cheek Kookaburra. Her other works are equally stunning and we love how they can bring a bit of the country to the most urban of homes, with images capturing Australia’s most beautiful animals!

Another celebrated artist at Vintage Stash is Sydney-sider, Samantha Robinson. Samantha is a talented artist who works with ceramics to create the most exquisite vases, tea cups, saucers, bowls and plates, all handmade which have been noted in various style driven magazines including Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar,  Home Beautiful and Donna Hay.

We love her range for its quality and its capacity to brighten any home, with just a few (or many) additions!


There are so many other fantastic designers that we love, including Sydney’s Rachel Kennedy Designs (she can’t do anything wrong!), Sydney’s Blacklist who are specialists in art prints, stationery and paper goods, Melbourne’s Nicole Donegan’s Hello Rainbow card and wall-art range, the Gold Coast’s tribal wall art creators A Boy Named Aaron and decadently stylish handmade leather wear creators Empire of Bees ….we could go on!

So this Aussie Day, let’s celebrate all things that have made this country great! The designers, the creators, the innovators – all who have plugged away at a dream, and have realised it, with the result something of true beauty!

And we like to put Vintage Stash among this mix – providing a platform for these wonderful artists!

Plus we’re very Australian – born and bred – so let’s celebrate that too!



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