Oh no….you’ve just received an email letting you know who you have for Secret Santa for the annual family Christmas get-together. You open the email reluctantly to discover you’ve drawn your cousin whom you haven’t seen since Richmond took its last premiership.

Thirty-five years ago and a mug filled will chocolates or candy canes, or a photo frame made from corrugated cardboard with pasta shells would have done the trick, but now, you’re both old enough to know that might not suffice socially….especially if the Secret Santa ‘limit’ exceeds what a packet of pasta is worth!

But never fear – we’re here to help. And to do this, we’ve decided to break it down for you with a list of the people you might need to buy presents for this Christmas. Good luck!

Your new mother-in-law: Ok, you’ve only been dating your beau for about six months and he’s invited you to Christmas lunch and to partake in the Secret Santa. You’ve drawn his mother, Agnes, without really knowing what she’s interested in. Your boyfriend is being slightly helpful: “She played golf once.”

Here’s your solution. Buy some delightful, but neutral homewares that’ll look great in any home. Melbourne photographer, Amelia Anderson has just delivered some new prints to Vintage Stash and they are stunning.


The prints feature a black betty, a fluffy cheeked kookaburra and barn owls. These are beautiful, while at the same time speak ‘premium’ quality!

(Oh…and a bonus for getting something that is meant to be placed on the wall is that you’ll know when you’ve been accepted into the family once it goes up!)

Your sister-in-law: She’s quite trendy and stylish, but you’re not quite sure what style she’s into? Not to worry, some colourful pottery will do the trick and we have a great new range from Samantha Robinson. Take your pick of cups, mugs, tasting plates and belly vases. Perfect for any home! These are also great gift options for other females in the family, including your trendy granny!

Your bro: Even if you’re close to your brother, he can still be a little tricky to buy for, especially if you haven’t spent quality time with him since you were both into Harry Potter. Chances are you’re still into Harry Potter but he’s moved on…so, best you buy him something practical. We have a new range of unisex satchels on the way from London, just in time for Christmas – perfect for uni or work!

Your dad: There’s a few things you can buy for dad, and that includes the satchels we’ve mentioned above. But, how about something cheeky? We have our ‘Damn Handsome’ beard kit, cocktail mix kits and stainless steel flasks inscribed with ‘Don’t drink and ride’. He’s unlikely to get these from anyone else….and if he does…you and the other gift-giver have impeccable taste!

An ENTIRE family: Oh no…you need to buy a gift for an entire family to enjoy! You first think you’ll just get them the latest Monopoly game…but there’s the risk they’ll already have it. So what’s something that everyone can enjoy within the home, which is a little different. We have two great new hanging chairs from HK Living which are perfect for summer!

Your sister or female cousin: We love these reversible leather totes and four-way backpacks in metallics; gold, silver, pewter, rose, copper, hot pink and blue which have just arrived from the UK. These are perfect as a gift, no matter what taste the receiver has!


The perfect gift for sisters or female cousins!

Your sister’s new artsy boyfriend: Haven’t known your potential future brother-in-law for long? That’s okay…if you know he loves quotes, or pondering life’s greater meaning, you are pretty safe with anything from our Holstee range. These include great Manifesto notebooks or prints!

Your niece / nephew: You breathe a sigh of relief when you see little Ethan or Sophia’s name as your Secret Santa. They’ve just turned one and are adorable. So, you’ll just need to search for an equally adorable gift. We have lots of lovely handmade toys to choose from, plus a range of classic books which may even be quite nostalgic of your own childhood.

So now for the long-lost cousin: Think ‘practical’. No matter their taste…and hopefully it’s changed over the past 35 years…(if not, then go on Ebay and search for 1980 AFL grand final memorabilia and they’ll be in for a treat) a practical gift is the best gift. At Vintage Stash we have some great options, which are also stylish. These includes stunning recycled timber breadboards from a UK fair-trade supplier, or equally stunning enamelware.

And if you need more options, drop by our store at 358a Smith Street, Collingwood for a browse.

If Vintage Stash can help you out further this Christmas, check out our website and online shop or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You can also sign up to our News From the Stash eNewsletter and enjoy the great benefits of being a subscriber, here.

See you soon!


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