Some people watch The Bacherlorette (guilty), some people watch Masterchef (yeah…it’s okay), and then there are those who watch The Block (even guiltier!).

Yeah all right…we’re hooked on The Block – but that’s what comes when you have a store like Vintage Stash which has stemmed from a passion for interior design, and an unreserved enjoyment when this is combined with reality TV.

The one millionth season of Australia’s The Block is underway, and just like the 999,999 seasons prior, we are again sucked into the various dynamics of each of the couples, the excellent personalities and diverse styles that make for the perfect night in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine. AND who even eats popcorn anymore???

You know you’re addicted to The Block when every moment at Vintage Stash you think…hmmm, that wall art would go perfectly in Couple One’s bedroom. And most likely it could. So instead of considering the perfect product placement, we’ve decided to put pen to paper…or keyboard to blog…to discuss our thoughts on the couples and their styles for this year’s season which is The Block – Glasshouse, based at the site which was previously the Hotel Saville in South Melbourne.

So here are this year’s contestants…one fabulous blocktifying couple at a time…and first off the starting…urr…block is Kingi and Caro from Townsville. 

Pic from -
Rendering king and queen – Kingi and Caro (Pic from –

Kingi is a renderer by trade and the couple’s main style highlights have been the rendering of several walls and other feature walls in their apartment. I commend the fabulous industrial/scandi look rendering has provided.

They’ve really played to their strengths and hey – if you make muffins well, then make muffins, if you knit well, then knit, and if you can paint then paint – my point being…and it’s possible that the three previous analogies weren’t required…but if you do something well, then do it.

Kingi and Caro’s other design features are working well for them and setting them a part from the other players. This includes a cool vinyl wrap they’ve used on the bath and bathroom door, plus graffiti art throughout the apartment.

Also, they’ve been quite smart with their funds with $50,000 remaining from their initial $150,000 budget. The rest of the contestants had between -$20,000 and +$15,000 left! All contestants have now received an additional $50,000 to complete their build meaning Kingi and Caro are quite cashed up with extra dosh to splash around their living areas and kitchen. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it!

Andrew & Whitney - Pic from:
The locals! Andrew & Whitney (Pic from:

We then have our locals, Andrew and Whitney, whom we want to love because they’re from Melbourne. Their style seems to be modern scandi-luxe but as first time renovators, they’ve struggled. They seem a younger pair and are finding it difficult under pressure. Sometimes they’ve gone ahead and smashed the challenge with a fantastic room, but then they’ll be hit and miss for others. They’ve complemented the ‘scandi-theme’ with a hint of ‘handcraft’ including a handpainted mural on the living room wall and a timber branch for hanging in their guest bedroom. We reckon they could include a few handcrafts from Vintage Stash too….just sayin…

Suzi and Vonnie - Pic 9Jumpin - sourced via
Gold Coastians Suzi and Vonnie (Pic from – 9Jumpin and sourced via

Suzi and Vonnie anyone? These contestants are from the Gold Coast and their style is a bit too ‘gentleman’s club’ meets ‘Gold Coast bling’ for my liking…and these flavours don’t always gel..if ever. The judges, while being rather harsh, have been quite on pointe with this pair, particularly in the latest room reveal. I’m still confused as to why they’d put a full length built-in bar and full sized wine fridge in their living room….and we have nothing against wine! This would more so suit a dining/kitchen or terrace area. Also, the electric wall fire was very ordinary and got lots of hash comments from the judges….and rightly so! It’ll be interesting to see if Suzi and Vonnie’s style evolves as we progress. We can only hope.

Luke and Ebony - pic from
Bro and Sis – Luke and Ebony (Pic from

Our next contestants are our brother and sister team – Luke and Ebony from WA. These guys started with an art deco theme – with a twist. It sounds lovely in writing, but the result was a very old fashioned feel which was continually panned by the judges. I personally think art deco works best with a luxe feel – lots of mirrors, plush fabrics, brass and glass additions, velvets and plush fabrics. Fortunately Luke and Ebony’s style has now morphed into a luxe style where they’ve ditched the art deco theme. It’s paid off! They won their first room – even though they were one of several couples to have their room orientation focused away from the million dollar views over Melbourne.

Dean and Shay - Pic -
“What were we thinking!” Dean and Shay (Pic from –

Our final contestants are Dean and Shay from Newcastle. These guys won the first two room reveals but….have failed ever since. This could have been because of Shay frivolously spending a cringeworthy more than $40,000 on their first room, the main bathroom, and they’ve struggled with their budget in subsequent challenges.

$40,000 on a bathroom…wow! I hope the toilet paper is laced with gold!

The judges have also slammed their style after their first bedroom saying that the other bedrooms were almost replicas with slightly different colours. Their style seems to be mid-century Danish pastel, but their concrete panel wall in a guest bedroom was a leap outside that. I guess it was their attempt to try and convince the judges they could be a bit different.

So there are the couples and their styles.

Overall, we’re loving the season, however, on a general note there seems to be a lot more arguing compared to others. I guess it adds to the drama – who doesn’t want to sit with the rest of Australia and watch couples arguing over tiles? Although, the nasty comments that seem to be thrown between Suzi and Vonnie and Andrew and Whitney aren’t quite as enjoyable and I guess it’s the lack of sleep, competitive nature of the show, constant deadlines and many choices to make that seems to amplify each situation.

And the big question is, who will win the one millionth season of The Block?

While the styling of each of the apartments is interesting and vital to the TV show, it doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with the selling price and how much profit each couple makes. It really depends on the strength of the property market and whether people are prepared to pay millions for an apartment on a very busy road in Malvern. I imagine the apartments at the top will do well because they have spectacular views, but it remains to be seen what prices the bottom two levels will fetch.

So, who do you feel will win this season? Drop by Vintage Stash for a chat…as you can see we love talking about it!

See you soon at 358A Smith Street Collingwood!


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