Father’s Day, just like Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day etc. etc. etc. seems like it comes around about every two weeks!

And no matter what type of bloke your dad is – our favourite is the joking type with the usuals: “Call me anything – just don’t call me late to dinner” or the “Dad, I’m hungry” , “Hi Hungry…I’m Dad,” – they can be tricky to buy for.

So we’ve come up with a few ideas for each type of Dad with this list applicable to sons, daughters, or wives (particularly those whose kids are too young to buy their own presents for Dad…). Armoured with these tips, we encourage you to push the stereotypical presents of socks and jocks to the side.

Here you are:

  1. For the ‘Daggy Dad’ – Let’s improve this status on Father’s Day. Turn ‘tired’ to ‘trendy’ by enhancing Dad’s evening wear collection! Some reversible silk bow ties from Vintage Stash ought to do it. Match these with some trendy handmade porcelain cufflinks and he’ll be onboard a James Bond meets Fred Astaire style fashion train! (If the Dad hasn’t before succumbed to the term ‘on trend’ this might take some coaxing…Compliments help. Rope in a brother or a close mate to join the encouragement cheer squad! “Looking Dapper Dad!” is a good place to start.)

    Lookin’ Dapper Dad!
  2. The ‘Office Dad’ – This Dad works hard, but has become accustomed to carrying his workbooks, lunch and other ‘to and from the office’ paraphenalia in either a plastic grocery bag or balances them not-so-strategically on his passenger car seat or on his lap while on the train. Never fear Office Dad! Your daughter / wife is here to help. Vintage Stash’s range of handmade waxed canvas backpacks, satchels and messenger bags from Seattle and a leather range from the UK will do the trick! (And if Office Dad requires a more ‘office-y style get-up – see note 1 on ‘Daggy Dad’!).

    Office treats!
    Office treats!
  3. The ‘Love a Beverage’ Dad – This Dad enjoys a tipple now and then, but rarely or doesn’t drink beer. Spirits are more his thing and occasionally he’ll try his hand at making cocktails for the family. A flask or a cocktail shaker would be great for this festive father, with a range just arriving from the UK – conveniently in time for Father’s Day!

    Cheers Dad!
    Cheers Dad! And WOW look at that moustache!
  4. For the ‘Hipster Dad’ – This Dad is already on trend. So let’s help him refine this, starting with his facial hair. “Dad, it’s been a long winter…but now is the time for a trim…Happy Father’s Day! Here’s a beard and moustache kit!…You’re welcome!”

    Stink be gone Father!
    Stink be gone Father!
  5. And finally…The ‘stinky’ Dad – Hmmm…what else needs to be said!? Toiletries can be the third most popular gift for Dads after socks and jocks. So if this is your backup plan then pop into Vintage Stash for a stylish pack that rivals all other toiletries packs!

And each of the above ideas can be complemented by one of the many gift cards or tags stocked at Vintage Stash!

We hope you love your Father’s Day shopping spree and when giving the gift to your Dad / husband, make sure you name drop ‘Vintage Stash’ so he knows where he can go for your gifts for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day…etc. etc. etc.

Until next time, we can’t wait to see you in store at 358A Smith Street Collingwood, or go ahead and browse our range online.

More news soon From the Stash!


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