What’s trending in homewares…according to Vintage Stash

If you’re a massive homewares fiend, you are probably aware of what Pantone (the world’s leader in colour communication) has picked as the colour for 2017.

Last year, we had¬†‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’ (pale pink and baby blue).


Pastels have been trending for a few years now, so it’s interesting how drastically different 2017’s colour is.



It could not be more aptly named. It’s not as flash of a name as ‘Rose Quartz’ or ‘Serenity’ but it tells it as it is!

So what other colours can we expect this year? Well…along with this ‘Greenery’ and similar greens, we’re expecting deep blues and blush to flourish.

Now that Pantone has called it, we think people will endeavour to pursue the ‘Greenery’ in all ways, including naturally through¬†getting their ‘green thumb’ on, adding¬†plants throughout their home.

So you can’t have plants without some stylish pots! So here’s a tip – when choosing pots it’s all about the bright colours and textures.

And while we’re talking pots, we think that dark moody paint will trend, meaning bright and colourful planters and pots, along with cushions and throws, will pop in front of this darker background.

And anyone who thought wallpaper would eventually make its way back to the seventies…was incorrect.

Wallpaper remains a massive fashion statement in homes. We’re expecting statement wallpaper this year – so how bold will you go? Will you go with antique…showed in the below video…or contemporary? ¬†We prefer contemporary.


As far as adding the ‘bells and whistles’ to a room,¬†we’re finding sheepskins in just about every colour to be very popular (even during a hot Australian summer).

Because of their exquisite touch and light feel, the Mongolian Sheepskins (pictured, from Hides of Excellence) can lift a room and make it homely, no matter the season.


So, what else will trend this year? Well, we’ll be able to give you more insight in our next blog!

We’re heading to New York in February¬†to see what wonderful items we can order for Vintage Stash and our NSW store, Elsie & Sam! As New York influences a great part of the Western World’s fashion and homeware trends, we’re keen to see what the city has in store for us in Australia!

Speak soon (from New York!).

Hope to see you soon at Vintage Stash, 358a Smith Street, Collingwood, Melbourne or Elsie & Sam, Shop 1 66 Manning Street,  Kiama.


The (never ending) Christmas list

It’s not long until Christmas….are you ready?

With so many people¬†on the Christmas shopping list¬†– mums, dads, brothers, sisters, long lost cousins, your uncle that you’ve never met – you¬†probably didn’t think your list could get any longer.

But then work decides to hold a Secret Santa and you draw out a name of a person you hadn’t even realised worked in your office. While you are tempted to question the validity of this draw,¬†you decide to just pretend you know them, while you work hard to quickly make acquaintances.

Well, whether you just have your Secret Santa to shop for, or a plethora of relies or friends, Vintage Stash is here to help with a range of gift options:


If your¬†Secret Santa’s¬†name is Boris…there’s a chance he could enjoy some lovely men’s products from Men’s Society. It’s easier if he has a beard or a moustache, as you can select a kit for grooming. If you’ve worked out that he enjoys a drink every now and then, you could opt for a stylish flask, but¬†if you’d like to play it safe, we have cufflinks!



For a female Secret Santa, your options have greatly increased! Depending on your spending limits (whether it’s $5 or $100…each are met with their own challenges) you could think of something delightful and simple, such as a quirky clutch from Lola and Gilbert, or earrings from Renee Waters (make sure she has pierced ears!).



Let’s face it,¬†the little ones¬†in your family are going to be spoilt rotten until they’re about eight. There is bound to be a gazillion presents around the Christmas tree that the child will keep opening until noon on Christmas Day…even though they started at 5am. Our advice is to select one awesome gift and because kids can be terrors, it needs to be durable! So, depending on the age of the little girl or boy, you could select delightful top quality handmade soft animals by Anne Claire Petit Accessories or one of the many stunning books by BabyLit. For the older child, they’ll be kept occupied for hours with cards from History Heroes.image5

People who love cosy-ing up with a cup of warm tea, even in the middle of an Aussie summer, can never have enough tea products. If you are going to go down this path, however, you need to buy something unique because, every other person who knows them will being buying them a similar present! Check out a stylish tea set by Carla Dinnage or tea cups and saucers by Samantha Robinson.


If you’re struggling on what to buy¬†an artistic relative¬†whom you might have only met once, consider these gifts that are incredibly thoughtful and stylish. To The Heart And Back have created stunning journals which come with a feather page marker, while Carla Dinnage has released a new wall art range.


And finally, there will be many people on your shopping list that would fit into this category:¬†The homely types. So…to placate their eternal desire to create a¬†‘home’ and not a ‘house’, check out the new piece by Amelia Anderson Photography, Morning Huddle (1,240cm by 940cm) and the range of vases we have at Vintage Stash.


And with that, we wish you good luck with your shopping in the lead up to Christmas! You can find us at Vintage Stash, 358a Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066 or online. 

We can’t wait to see you soon and Merry Christmas!!!

These are a few of our favourite things…

Don’t worry – we’ll try and lay off the Sound of Music sayings…


Vintage Stash has been thriving in Melbourne for three years, so we thought we’d show you some of our favourite¬†things!

The most chic blog of all time…

French by Design must make the list! The ever so quirky quotes, complemented by images with the most chic products that can be found on earth, continue to inspire us!

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this makes total sense. #tgif #wineoclock

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French by Design uses the most exquisite¬†photography to often turn a¬†simple setting into something truly magnificent¬†worth lusting over…

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summer in #sf, at last. ‚ėÄÔłŹ

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While this blog’s writer¬†observes the fashion world from a San Francisco base, we also love what our local¬†writers deliver.

In Australia…

Closer to home, industry blogs such as The Design Files, The Interiors Addict and Frankie Magazine continue to inspire.

We particularly love the number of Melbourne bloggers flying the flag high for our trendy city!

Lady Melbourne does this well, and we were delighted she checked us out last year to spread the Vintage Stash word among her followers!


A little more mainstream…

More generally speaking, ¬†The Weekly Review‘s memes get us¬†every time.

And news outlets definitely become one of our ‘favourite things’ when they honour us with a story!


During the past three years in Melbourne, we’ve grown a huge and wonderful range of stock from an increasingly growing list of inspiring creators…And¬†choosing a favourite piece….is like choosing a favourite child!


All our suppliers are unique with their own special flares, and we’ve met wonderful people locally in¬†Melbourne, while bringing stock to our local customers from throughout Australia and the world!

It’s all just too darn pretty! And has helped Vintage Stash to really become a¬†treasure trove of marvellous things!

We hope it’s one of your favourites!

(Will we see you soon at Vintage Stash? Or check us out online) 

How to handle Spring…

We all have those friends…”I’m a Winter person…”


If you are¬†that friend…we wonder…Is it because of your allergies?

If it’s not and you generally have some unfathomable dislike for all things glorious…like Spring…then we can help you.

Vintage Stash can make Spring more bearable.

Brighten your home! 

Just because you enjoy the doom and gloom of winter, it doesn’t mean your friends do too! Check out these stunning pieces from Foruu, with Paper Empire Australia! These pastels speak Spring…so you don’t have to.

Get out into the garden…

If your favourite season is Winter…there’s a chance you might not know how much you miss the sun, despite your translucent skin.

It’s time you gathered your nearest and dearest friends (armed with¬†sunscreen a-plenty) into your garden, onto your balcony, or simply near a kitchen window to absorb some vitamin D. Do this with a cup of tea, and we suggest elegantly enjoying your favourite brew in Bloomingville’s porcelain tea sets. Hugging the tea cup might even take you back to the wintery vibes you adore…and the sun’s rays and the bitter-sweet smell of sunscreen might just be enough to bring you back.

Okay…you may have a rug¬†

But don’t crank up the air conditioning and pretend it’s winter! The 100% linen throws from Finland that you’ll find at Vintage Stash are delightfully comfortable and perfect for those cooler nights or while you snuggle in front of the TV¬†forlornly watching Love Actually or The Holiday. ¬†Once you do take a break from all the snow and bitter cold, we suggest flicking to Under the Tuscan Sun or Mamma Mia for a bit of¬†reprieve.¬†


At least pretend you like spring with some delightful wall art! 

Faunoscape wallstickers from¬†What We Do Copenhagen, with Paper Empire Australia usually do the trick! Get them onto a wall, then¬†place some fresh flowers nearby and you’re on your way to a perfect Instagram post #nofilter #spring #loveit

And if that doesn’t work, you’re probably too far gone…but your finally attempt to gather any spring enthusiasm might be through acquiring these delightful vintage style flower prints from the UK’s Eloise Renouf.


And if none of those ideas work…

You might need to hibernate until Winter. And we’ll be here for you then, providing awesome product ideas for you as you revel in your favourite season as your friends longs for Spring.


At Vintage Stash we’re here to inspire you however we can! Check us out online or visit us in store at¬†358a Smith Street (corner Sackville Street), Collingwood.

See you soon!

The Father’s Day countdown (panic)!

So, what is the rule for remembering when Father’s Day is?¬†

Oh…first Sunday of September? …Oh no.

That’s when the panic sets in when you realise there’s less than five days until Father’s Day.

Of course, the value of your relationship shouldn’t really be based upon how wonderful the present you get for your father is…however…your choice certainly helps raise the stakes when it comes to ‘favourite child status’…

Wait…what?…It’s not a competition?

At¬†Vintage Stash, we’re always here to help.

Here are some tips for how you can handle the countdown…and don’t be scared…there’s still a few days to go!


Five days out. 

Nah…still plenty of time. Maybe you’ll consider something to surprise your dad. What about a cane rocking chair from HK Living, imported from the Netherlands.

You could sneak into your¬†parents’ house early in the morning and place the new piece of furniture in their lounge room. For good measure,¬†add a bow just so it stands out just that little bit more. Excellent idea. With five days to go, you can pick it up and deliver it in that time…and have extra time to get a bow, cushions and a lovely rug! Done!


Four days to go…

You think:

“I wonder if my siblings have got anything for Dad yet?”

“Should I ask them to partake in¬†some kind of team-gift-giving situation…..but that’ll mean the credit is shared.”

Your inner monologue continues….

“If I choose these awesome maps from Quercus & Co. from Vintage Stash, surely Dad will know I’ve instigated this awesome idea to funk up his office or lounge¬†room? Surely.”

Great thinking Рthese Quercus periodic tables and world maps provide a stylish addition to any environment. Get on it now!

Three days to go.

Oh no…things are getting serious now. You start questioning how much you actually know your father…

“I may have known him for about <insert years> now…but does he drink red or white?…Does he actually drink alcohol?”

Somehow you remember he is into a bit of ‘Whiskey business’…so you consider some stunning vintage whiskey jugs¬†knowing he is highly unlikely to have ever considered buying these for himself.

And the siblings definitely wouldn’t have thought of this before!¬†

The choices we have include vintage whiskey jugs ‚Äď Dawsons, Grants and Chivas Regal – or a¬†vintage annodised Wolfblass champagne bucket. Nice one.

Two days to go…

Two days! How did that happen? But that’s okay – there’s still time to think of something epic for your father that isn’t the usually hardware store voucher!

Amongst this madness, you’ve realised that he’s considering growing a moustache, so a few items from Mens Society will show that you have actually listened to the conversations you’ve had between watching the¬†ABC News, Broadchurch¬†and reruns of¬†Doc Martin.¬†And just for good measure, check out the flasks and¬†cufflinks from the same brand.


One day…

“THANK GOODNESS FOR SUNDAY TRADING! Why, oh why did I not think of shopping for Father’s Day earlier!”

At this point due to a panicked situation, you’re tempted to just buy everything you see to compensate for not having thought of something earlier.

“I’ll take it all!” you say…however, you should really just pause and take a moment.

There’s still time for a thoughtful gift. How about something completely different – perhaps some stylings for Dad’s home – homewares that speak style, and thoughtfulness.

Going along the thoughtfulness-idea-train you could also look at diaries for dad, particularly if he’s the pondering type.

Two things will appease these new gift ideas; how about this timber anchor wall decoration, complete with tribal paint and feathers, or a diary by Holstee? Both are completely different, yet inspiring in their own special way!

And with that…we wish you luck!

We hope we’ve given you a few options to make shopping just a little easier for Father’s Day…and at the end of the day – there’s always next year!

If you have any questions, come and see us at 358a Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066 or look at our products online.

See you soon…And to all the dads out there – Happy Father’s Day!¬†

A bag for every occasion…that is practically perfect.

We all wish we had a bag like Mary Poppins…

But since getting over the age of 10, you’ve probably realised that Mary Poppins really was just a magical story, and the chances of you being as perfect as Mary Poppins – practically in every way – is as unlikely to happen as being able to get your hands on that glorious bag.

And who needs or wants to be perfect anyway! 

Come to think of it, that bag made of carpet was quite ugly – not at all a stunning reflection of the period era of which the story of Mary Poppins was based. But you honestly can’t argue with its practicality.

This blog will be about bags, and the wonderful ranges you’ll¬†find at Vintage Stash!

We hope the extremely random introduction¬†set this up –¬†A bag for every occasion – that is practically perfect!


Even if your job is corporate, you can still add a bit of sparkle through the bag you carry. We love these metallic reversible leather totes and backpacks, from the UK. Occasions for this dazzling bag could be to carry your boring reports, a small laptop or iPad, cosmetics, as well as your hopes and dreams.


We love these stunning overnight bags from the UK! They are stylish while also being practical, sturdy and unisex! We also think they are reminiscent of the old doctor bags you’d see in the old movies! Glorious.

Occasions for these beauties could be using them as carry-on luggage when flying or for your exotic weekend away with your significant or not-so-significant other.


Life should be about always being ready for a rip-roaring good time! That’s why sometimes, you shouldn’t be carrying too many items with you, just the essentials will do; your wallet, sunnies, keys and lip-gloss.

If you’re not carrying too much, you can be ready for any kite-flying opportunities…and when we say flying a kite, it’s really a metaphor for doing all sorts of fun things. These bags, designed by Paris’ Anna Kaszer are comfy and strap across your body. You could use these¬†for occasions such as a¬†stroll in the park, shopping with friends or frolicking around a theme-park.



Your choice of what bag to take for your day’s activities could be one of the biggest choices you make all day…possibly.

Whether it’s a day of classes at university or a day of errands, a small backpack could be the perfect choice – but it’s also necessary that this bag is durable, and what could be more durable than the¬†Drizabone and recycled wool backpacks from US brand Woolly Bison (US).

We have lots of styles available and occasions for use could include travelling, using the bag as a day pack for your essentials, or to look funky while on a picnic.


Take on the world, and you can do this through supporting a local Aussie brand, Hobart’s Workbelt, who make handmade hide, leather and felt satchels. These bags are roomy, and perfect for trips to the library,¬†delivering telegrams and visiting friends.

And that’s not all, we have heaps more bags in store to suit even more occasions.

We invite you to visit us – even if it is just to revel in the wonderful-ness that is Mary Poppins!

See you soon at Vintage Stash.

Making the workplace more workable

There are always the colleagues who chew too loudly (hummus doesn’t dull the carrot crunch guys!), proof reads their documents in a loud whisper,¬†or asks lots of questions about their personal life while you’re trying to concentrate.

You can’t really do much for the annoying people in your office…

…but you can do something about the aesthetics!

No matter what type of office you have, there are lots of ways to spruce it up to improve your environment, whether you own the office and have a say on what goes on the walls, or just your cubicle.

Think world-wide! 

If you enjoy travel, and are always thinking about when you can next get away, it might be nice to bring this worldly element into your workplace, which will also remind you to always consider the bigger picture in each work challenge.

We love the vintage maps from Quercus & Co. These maps look funky with the ‘old school’ flavour and with such detail, you can start planning your caravan trip around Australia or America between your meetings and phone conferences. It might inspire you to retire at 40 and start your grey nomad tripping early!

Add the colour flavour

No matter what type of agency you might be a part of – from accounting to creative, it never hurts to add some colour! ¬†While we’re on the vintage stream, a great option are some colour charts¬†and they could complement any existing themes. If you do want to stick to the number-theming though, we have some cool vintage periodic tables you can hang.

Calmness Рa state of mind or the state of your wall art? 

They say water helps¬†people think calmly…well either that or makes you need to go to the toilet. What also gives an element of calm is wildlife. This can be found through the works of some awesome Melbourne-based artists. You could go with some fantastic photographic pieces by Amelia Anderson, or some prints by Kirsty Davidson.

Your own cell, work-space

Perhaps you are an employee and can’t control what is displayed on the walls. That’s okay, because you can at least control what is displayed on your desk or within your cubicle.

If you’re a reliable human who has things sorted, fill one of our glorious vases, or pots, such as the ones from Bloomingville, with a living plant.

You can also opt to fill the pot or vase with flowers Рreal ones are preferable.

But if the above fails, go with the self-sufficient cactus. Just don’t forget it’s there and walk into a meeting covered in¬†spines.

Inspirational words 

There’s other ways you can make your office space more workable and your little home away from¬†home nook! If you’re inspired by sayings, we have a range of stunning¬†wall art, from suppliers such as Holstee, plus you can also enhance a space with delightful cushions or funky furniture.

And as the old saying goes, ‘the sky is the limit’. Drop by Vintage Stash to see what else you can do…

See you soon!

How to get through winter!

THE last autumn leaf has fallen and we are getting ready for winter.

Ah winter, the provider of first world problems such as the difficulty of getting out of bed early when it’s still dark, your coffee getting cold quicker, and the¬†lack of vitamin D in your life.

If you live in Melbourne, though, like we do, we can have some of the above problems any time of year.

But despite that, we love this city anyway, rain, hail or shine…which can all happen in one day.

(sourced from –¬†funnymemes.com.au)¬†

So, wherever you live in Australia, we’re here to help you get through, no matter the climate you face and the torture of being subjected to every winter meme that exists (yes…we’re going to perpetuate the last point…;-)¬†

Key to surviving winter is getting your home ready for the dank days ahead!

For states with a consistently cold winter, you can make sure you have some heavy rugs at the ready Рboth throws for the living room couch or bed, or floor rugs, to thwart any foot chills especially if your home has evil tiles or beautiful, but breezy floorboards.

HK Living has brought us some¬†exquisite rugs, which exude ultimate warmth and are perfect for this purpose. And if you’ve got a lovely wood fire, complement it in your living room with the brand’s wooden stools¬†(don’t put them too close to the fire though!).¬†

We envy cities like Brisbane – those guys¬†only get a taste of winter, probably for one or two hours over a couple of days in early June. All¬†Brisbanites need to do is¬†make sure¬†they¬†have a few light rugs with natural fibres at the ready for those cool nights where they pretend¬†it’s¬†winter by watching¬†some winter or snow related movies like¬†Everest or Groundhog¬†Day.¬†

(Don’t worry – the above meme is the last we’ll use in this blog!)¬†

No matter where you live, you can add an element of warmth through candles. Aacute is a Victorian brand who make Wood Wick candles using conscientiously sourced resources and materials. Their new range of candles are deliciously decadent, smell sensational and suit any décor you already have.

If we’re talking winter accessories, there’s nothing better than holding a handbag with delightful¬†wintery¬†textures. We’ve just received beautiful cowhide shoulder bags, which can go with the perfect winter outfit, complementing scarves and beanies, and your rosy cheeks from the outside chilliness!

You really have just three months to grin and bear all things winter, and we wish you luck!

Drop into Vintage Stash to check out¬†the divine wintery products we have to make the season more bearable!¬†We’re located at¬†358a Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066. More info here.

Ps…you don’t have to watch Groundhog Day if you don’t want to.

Mother’s Day – how can Vintage Stash help

There’s a few things you can do for your mum this Mother’s Day (Sunday May 8)….

  • Get a tattoo heart with ‘mum’ etched across it.
  • Bake your mum a batch of scones, or something else that might have been one of her specialities¬†during your childhood.
  • If it is your wife who is the mum and you would like to buy pressies on behalf of your young children, then definitely head to Vintage Stash!
  • And when in doubt, no matter your situation,…follow the last five words of the previous point.

We probably wouldn’t recommend the first point though, so we’ve made things easy so you don’t have to etch your way into your mum’s heart with anything other than your love and affection, and occasional homeware gift…

To make things easier, we have a few suggestions to get you through this¬†Mother’s Day…no matter what type of mother you have!

The far-away mum

Do you live¬†a fair way from your mum? Chances are she could do with a cuddle from you. While nothing of material value can make up for you not physically being there, something with a bit of thought and matching¬†comfort, might help. As we head into the cooler months, this could include very soft and cuddly, top quality rugs from Finland. We constantly have new colours and patterns arriving, and being light-weight, they won’t cost you an arm and leg as far as postage goes!

The fancy-pants mum

Oh no…your mum has a better fashion sense than you! How on earth did you let that happen? Well, there’s only one thing to do, and that is to appease her desire for all-things-stunning.

We suggest some elegant jewellery – you can’t go wrong. Start by checking out the pieces by¬†Kristin¬†Ash Jewellery. The Sydney¬†designer has selected their stockists wisely, so you can be assured your pesky brothers or sisters won’t buy the same gift for mum, and claim your prize as ‘favourite child’. This¬†funky and modern jewellery is also great for the men who need pressie ideas for their wives, on behalf of their children.

 The cold-frog mum

Someone with long eyelashes stands next to your mum and immediately she is freezing from the draft created when they blink. For the ‘cold-frog’ mum, you can help her out before winter kicks in with some glorious rugs. Cold feet and hands are the worst for this mum, so she will be delighted for the cushiony-softness these luscious Mongolian sheepskin products – ¬†cushions and throws can¬†offer.

The classical mum

Samantha Robinson continues to delight us with her handmade porcelain. The Sydney designer has created a beautiful new botanicals teacup range this season. The range offers beautiful tea cups with such a classic design Рa definite enhancer of Sunday afternoon tea and scone sessions.


Another option for the classy, classical mum is a beautiful tea set from Bloomingville Denmark Рperfect for an outside or inside tea and biscuit catch up.


The dreamer Рmum 

If your mum lights up your life, light up hers with the stunning streams of colour the new range by Colin Adrian creates. His stained glass feathers, handmade in Brooklyn, New York, will bring you mum joy through lighting up her home, by hanging one feather or more. This is a simply beautiful and excellent representation of modern stained glass art.

The ‘everything’ in its place – mum

Your mum loves everything to be in its place –¬†¬†this is essential when storing her jewellery, or other delicate paraphernalia.¬†Carla Dinnage has impressed us once again with her small, colourful porcelain bowls – perfect¬†to hold¬†necklaces and rings. These make very sweet¬†ornaments on a dresser, while serving an organisational purpose!


And no matter what other type of mum your mother is, we are sure to have something delightful to treat her this Mother’s Day! From bags to accessories, to throws to wall-art, it is definitely worth popping in to see us, or visiting us online.

But if you still can’t decide, we can always help out with a gift voucher.

We can’t wait to see you soon, and for all the mums out there…Happy Mother’s Day!

Autumn – ‘leave’ it to Vintage Stash

Autumn is one of those seasons that, second to US winters, are most romanticised¬†in the movies; think¬†You’ve Got Mail, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and I wish this scene from Miss Congeniality was referring to our Autumn…’all you need is a light jacket…’.

As¬†for the styling of¬†your home, a bit of this¬†romance or even just thoughtfulness can be applied to add¬†some¬†warmth before we get into the dreary months of winter. As we mentioned in last month’s blog¬†¬†2016 stylings are all about the touch, and Autumn is the perfect time of year to instil¬†some decadence before we need it desperately for warmth during the colder months.

The pieces Рan automatic lift! 

The easiest way to add shape to your room, or give it an automatic facelift is through applying delectable hides or rugs. There is nothing more elegant than natural fibres, and with these earthy, rich colours, you can transform a summer chair into an autumn furniture piece in an instance. Even if you have a metal chair that emulates a freezer as you recline, a nice rug or cushion can alleviate the grimace that appears on your face when your spine touches it. Magic!

Adding cushions is another trick to creating a luscious space quickly, and probably the most cost effective way too. You can change cushions as quickly as the seasons …but if you enjoy painting your walls four times a year,¬†then we wish you the best of luck.

Pieces on trend this year include wicker rockers, leather cushions and ottomans (which can be found at¬†Vintage Stash by HK Living). These earthy colours fit perfectly into the autumn theming, and a wicker chair is also giving you that beachy feel, even when you can’t¬†experience it for real at the beach.


The colours

While pastels are meant to be the go for 2016, deep blues and rose quartz are taking centre stage for this year’s autumn and winter. This can be complemented by natural earthy themes¬†you’ll achieve¬†using leather or hide. These colours give a bit of reprieve to all the darn pastel!

The textures 

Just like cosy-ing in for a terribly-soppy autumn romance movie – such as The Lake House¬†(c’mon….you can do better with your Netflix choices!) – textures provide as much comfort as a cup of tea¬†and an original flavoured Tim Tam.¬†Our delicate wool rugs from Finland are soft and the solution for a dreary sofa or cold chair, while being perfect to snuggle under as the evenings get cooler.

The space 

And while you’re bringing to life your rooms, think of ¬†what’s on the walls. Uplift rooms with stunning prints from Denmark designer Foto Factory¬†¬†with Paper Empire Australia.¬†These photographs are beautiful, but¬†can appear as very¬†‘wintery’ so¬†must be¬†balanced by¬†colourful furnishings in¬†the room.

And …if you absolutely hate winter and want to just pretend it’s not happening outside….


….then you can stock up on the sunny wallart¬†we also have, such as a beautiful photograph from Victorian Amelia Anderson Photography, or other¬†sunny prints¬†(although the colours of this stunning ‘Cupcake Pinkie the Galah’ fit right into the rose quartz theme we mentioned earlier – so you can’t escape it!).

Your next step 

So there are our tips for winter! We’d be pleased to discuss further, and we didn’t even get started on ceramics like autumny themed vases or teapots or saucers or ….

Make sure to pop into Vintage Stash at 358a Smith Street Collingwood, or check us out online.

Or you can post any questions at the end of this blog or via our Facebook page.